Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, today is the last day of my contraction stopping pill, which means an end to my home bound, couch confined state! I thought it would never come! Technically, bed rest doesn't end until Monday, (just a technicality of course) but unless my doc happens to read my blog and sends the hospital police over, I am planning on getting a bit of walking (and of course shopping!) in this weekend.

It felt so good to get up this morning and make my bed, put up shoes, and load dishes in the dishwasher. I think I might even clean the toilets. I wonder how long this passion to clean will last? Ali spent the night last night and she helped me nail some decorations on Ella's wall last night. Besides getting stuck between the crib and the wall, I successfully used my handyman tools to put up semi- straight letters on the wall (don't look too close) and hang a picture frame. It sure feels good to do something productive.

Even though I can only take about 15 at a time on my feet right now before my feet turn bright red and splotchy and I get a bit dizzy, I am going to enjoy this upright position this weekend. We'll see how much Ella likes it!

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  1. I can only imagine what it must feel like to finally be able to do things!! It was great to see you Sunday!